Holiday fun without breaking the bank!! Cottages are a great low cost holiday!!

Lets face the facts… The UK can be cold and it can rain, but you don’t have to sell the house to have a great holiday that your family will love! Hiring a perfect family country cottage for your holiday can really cut costs and give you somewhere cosy to relax when you are tired after a long day of fun.

Cottages are a great low cost holiday – let me tell you why…

The usual bargain holiday for a family of four:

Cheap Spain Holiday

Really really cheap package holiday – 7 days for two adults and two kids, with cheapest flights and cheapest hotel (one room) on the Costa Brava, Spain in July: £1478.51.  Now add spending money: £1000.00

Thats nearly £2500 for 7 days holiday in a single room with 4 beds in a basic hotel, with cheap economy flights… No car for exploring, no cooking facilities, no airport parking! OUCH!

Now for the sensible people who may not get a tan, but are going to have a fantastic time!

Cottage Holiday in Cornwall

Bray View, Camelford near the northern coast of Cornwall for one week at the end of July for a family of four: £530.00

Now add spending money: £1000.00 and you get a total of just £1530 for a week away!

You can go explore using your own car, cook meals in your cottage and have a great time and of course save a fortune!

Really what we are saying is, your kids want a holiday filled with fun. You don’t have to pay a fortune to give them an activity filled holiday, that can also include a BBQ for those sunny evenings where you can relax with a beer and a burger.

If you are pet lover, you can also get pet friendly cottages, bring your dog with you and save a fortune on kennel costs!

Other Money Saving Tips to keep the price down and keep the fun!

Time your bookings carefully

Out of Summer season can be much cheaper to rent a cottage, so take a good look at what times are the best value for your money. Search our cottages now…

If you are travelling by train, rail tickets are significantly cheaper if you book a few months in advance, and you could also take advantage of travel cards!

Take to the road in your faithful steed

Bring your own car, and explore the exciting county you are in… With your own car you can explore those out-of-the-way attractions and go at your own pace. There are beautiful walking, cycling and sightseeing spots all over the UK – why not pack a picnic and get you and your family out in the fresh air.

Make a holiday budget, and stick to it
It’s easy to overspend, resulting in a painful bill to pay when you get back. Here are some tips to make your Cottage Holiday brilliant!


One of the most expensive things is the food bill for the week, especially if you are eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can have breakfast before leaving the cottage and also you can think about bringing a picnic with you for a fun family lunch and save a fortune!

Eating out for dinner. When you want to go out and let someone else deal with the washing up, take a look at reccomended places to go that aren’t too expensive. You can also save serious ££’s if you search for and print out the 2for1 restaurant deals…


Check out the internet for 2for1 deals or family packages for theme parks, adventure parks and tourist attractions!

Remember that exciting and active family days out don’t have to be painful on the pocket. Walking, cycling and exploring the beach for example are free and brilliant fun for Kids!

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